Christianity to be Minority in United Kingdom by 2050

Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ at Canterbury, England

Due to a surge in growth of atheism and Islam, Christians are set to become a minority of the United Kingdom by 2050, according to recent results of a study by Pew Research Centre.

In the study, the population of Britain that describes themselves as Christian in identity will have dropped to just 45.4% mid-century, a significant shift from around 66% in 2010. That’s quite a shift in just 40 years. ┬áThose identifying themselves as non-religious will continue to gain in numbers, an account for almost 39% of the UK population in 2050. Muslims will also continue to grow, doubling in population to 11% by mid-century.

This is a huge shift to Britain, eventually leading to the lowest Christian population since the arrival of Christianity. Additionally, the growing shifts will make Britain the worlds sixth largest non-religious population, proportionally-speaking.

Before atheists cheer too much, the new study reveals that despite the increase of secularism, religious influence continues to grow worldwide. By 2050, the unaffiliated will only increase from 1.1 billion to 1.2 billion.

To obtain these projections, the Pew Research Centre study utilizes a number of data sources, including population figures, immigration numbers, and birth rates. You can read the full study in PDF format here.