Dawkins: Republicans Candidates’ View on Evolution “Deeply Depressing”

Richard Dawkins

Noted atheist Richard Dawkins isn’t holding back about Republicans resistance towards evolution, as witnessed in an interview with CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria on October 31st. Talking American politics, the British evolutionary biologist told Zakaria that Republican the candidates’ reluctance to accept evolution was, “deeply depressing”. But Dawkins didn’t stop there.

“You just told me all the Republican candidates except one don’t believe in evolution,” Dawkins said, adding:”I mean, that’s a disgrace.”

On evolution, Dawkins was blunt. “This is not something you believe in or not,” said Dawkins. “I mean, this is a fact. It is a fact. It’s just as much of a fact as the Earth goes around the Sun. You can’t not believe it unless you’re ignorant.”

“But for a very senior eminent distinguished doctor as he [Carson] is to say that is even worse. Because of course, evolution is the bedrock of biology and biology is the bedrock of medicine. He clearly doesn’t understand the fundamental theorem of his own subject. That is a terrible indictment.” Dawkins continued. “It is a form of arrogance to say we know what God does,” he said. “The only way to know anything is by looking at the evidence. In this particular case, the evidence is overwhelming. In the case of evolution, there is no doubt. It is a fact.”

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is a former neurosurgeon and an outspoken Christian, part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. His church believes that the bible is literal, as as of 2007,  are the twelfth-largest religious group worldwide. On November 1st, Carson told a Nashville crowd that: “They say, ‘Carson, ya know, how can you be a surgeon, a neurosurgeon, and believe that God created the Earth, and not believe in evolution, which is the basis of all knowledge and all science?’,” Carson said. “Well, you know, it’s kind of funny. But I do believe God created us, and I did just fine. So I don’t know where they get that stuff from, ya know? It’s not true. And in fact, the more you know about God, and the deeper your relationship with God, I think the more intricate becomes your knowledge of the way things work, including the human body.”

Ultimately, Dawkins suspects voter pandering, that Republican candidates believe that they must say they do not believe in evolution in order to appeal to their supporters (voters). “I believe what they’re doing is they think that they’ve got to say that in order to appeal to their constituency,” he said. “And if that’s true, it’s deeply depressing.”

Dawkins latest book, an autobiographical memoir entitled Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science, was published in September 2015. Here’s a classic video of Dawkins the evolution via the eye.

Richard Dawkins demonstrates the evolution of…

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